A technical and visual highlight: the Nightjet

A technical and visual highlight: the Nightjet
10 January 2024
A technical and visual highlight: the Nightjet

A technical and visual highlight: the Nightjet

The model of the ÖBB Nightjet (item no.: 5500004, 5510004, 5520004) is a technical and visual gem!  Five cars of the 7-part set are produced in prototypically different designs. For the entire set, great attention was paid to the realization of all type-specific details, which is why all 7 cars correspond to the prototype to an extremely high degree. ROCO is thus entering a new level, also with regard to the design of other models, and is consistently continuing the detailing of the models.

All the technical and visual highlights are listed here:

  • Multi-part design of the coach floors, with separately attached aprons
  • Areas behind the aprons and exposed areas elaborately designed
  • Completely new bogies designed in line with the Siemens lightweight construction strategy
  • Extra fitted disc brakes on the bogies
  • Area between the coach crossovers designed in great detail for the first time on a push-pull train All connecting hoses on the coaches are fitted ex works and create an almost complete picture in the train formation. The coaches are also coupled as close together as possible
  • Some of the air-conditioning superstructures on the roof are separately attached and elaborately realized
  • Control cab coach front elaborately detailed and fully equipped ex workd
  • Entire train already fully equipped ex works
  • Driver's cab rear wall designed in several colours
  • Multi-part interior with separate plug-in parts
  • Driver's cab rear wall designed in several colours
  • Particularly elaborate painting and printing of the interior fittings, for example doors or the mini cabins in the aisle areas are printed particularly elaborately
  • Separately attached ladders in the cabins
  • Extra fitted baggage racks in the coaches
  • Mini cabins designed differently for more variety (e.g. open and closed doors) 
  • Extra and flush-mounted train destination displays on the side walls
  • The digital versions of the models also have the following functions:
    • The train destination displays are illuminated
    • All carriages are equipped with interior lighting and live couplings
    • For more variety in the light image, each individual carriage is equipped with its own LED board, which is fitted differently. Each carriage therefore appears differently "animated" in the model and is illuminated in a variety of ways.

Please note that the model shown is an initial sample. Not all parts are matched and not all details correspond to the actual prototype.

Diese Umsetzung bedurfte einer extrem aufwendigen Konstruktion und Betreuung des Projekts in allen Schritten, aber eine Kompromisslösung kam für ROCO für dieses absolute Highlightmodell nicht in Frage!