21 septembre 2022

"Sound Ready" Models

Due to the worldwide and industry-wide shortage of electronic components, especially components for our digital decoders, at present a planning of the delivery of sound models is unfortunately almost impossible.

However, to maintain the delivery of our models we have decided to offer individual models in the form of "sound ready". These are equipped with a bridge plug for use on analog layouts, a loudspeaker and, if available, a buffer capacitor and are thus prepared for the digital sound function. As soon as the appropriate decoders will be again available, the models can easily be upgraded at any time.

For the installation of the appropriate decoder there are instructions on the ROCO Youtube channel Equipping a ROCO model with a decoder. In addition, ROCO Customer Service and your specialist trader are happy to help you in case of questions and during installation.

Those wishing to drive digitally without sound can simply get started after installing a less expensive “driving decoder without sound”.

Sound fans have the possibility of subsequently ordering the appropriate decoder from their specialist trader for €25.00 off the respective valid price. This provides you with the maximum possible flexibility in the technical design of your models: You can enjoy analogue driving fun immediately, and still then choose to what extent you might want to digitalise your model later on.

However, please observe that each “Sound-ready” model is only optimised for the decoder listed in the letter enclosed in the respective packaging. Correct operation and full range of functions can only be guaranteed with a corresponding decoder!

  • When installing a decoder from third-party manufacturers, please observe the following: The decoder used must have a voltage regulated to max. 15 V on the V+ Pin for the buffer condensers used. Otherwise, major damage may occur to your model.
  • On some models, the Susi pins are used for extended light switching functions. When using decoders from third-party manufacturers, this may lead to malfunctions.