7310067 Digital railway slewing crane EDK 750, PKP

Digital railway slewing crane EDK 750, PKP





Railway slewing crane belonging to the Polish State Railways with real digitally controlled operating functions.

Edition model!

■ Independent driving
■ Free running possible in block train
■ Crane upper carriage with boom can be rotated 360°
■ Boom can be raised and lowered
■ Telescopic boom can be extended and retracted
■ Crane hook over multiple rope pulley can be raised and lowered
■ Crane driver’s cabin with switchable exterior lighting
■ Work lamp switchable on telescopic boom
■ With on-board digital decoder and switchable light and sound functions
■ Movable outrigger
■ Protection wagon with bearing block, counterweight and support pedestals
■ Control using Z21 multiMAUS or Z21 WLANMAUS
■ Specially adapted crane control in the Z21 app
■ Control using PS4 controller

Fully functional model of a 6-axle railway slewing crane with movable telescopic boom. The crane can travel independently or, once the gear coupling has been unlocked manually, as part of the train. The upper carriage can be rotated 360° with no end stop. All turning and lifting movements feature a soft start and stop mechanism. This means you can have lots of fun lifting bridges or laying switches and track yokes. The horizontal boom is suitable for working under overhead contact lines. The telescopic boom can be tilted and telescoped in any working position, even with a load attached to the crane's hook.

Additional Information

General data
Coupling In-house produced coupling and close coupling mechanism
Minimum radius 358 mm
Number of driven axles 1
Number of axles with traction tyres 1
Article number 7310067
Scale H0
Epoch V-VI
Railway Company PKP
LED lighting yes
Head light Digitally switchable dual headlights
LED head light yes
Additional light function yes
Digital decoder DCC
Decoder-Type MX659N18
Sound yes
Buffer capacitor yes
Length over buffer 234 mm


Use-Instructions (DE)