10837 Z21 signal DECODER

Z21 signal DECODER

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Z21 signal DECODER

The Z21 signal DECODER is a universally applicable DCC decoder for complex light signals. Operation is even easier with the Z21 app as the signal types are also stored in the app and can be read out automatically from the decoder. This can be
conveniently done via Z21 pro LINK.

■ Updateable
■ Extensively configurable
■ RailCom compatible

Over 30 signal types are included, such as:
■ Germany: H/V signals, Ks signals, HI signals, block signals, ...
■ Austria: Main signals class 1980 and 1954, pre-signals, protections signals, ...
■ Switzerland: System L, system N, Signals for shunting service, ...

Additional signal types can of course be added by using the update function via the Z21 pro LINK.

RailCom is a registered trademark of the company Lenz Elektronik GmbH.

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