35900 TT-electric turntable

TT-electric turntable




Electric turntable for gauge TT.

Comes with 6 ascent-descent tracks and one turntable switch.
The maximum possible 24 ascent and descent tracks stand at an angle of 15 degrees to each other. Only the tracks that are connected to the revolving platform are power supplied.
With a revolving platform length of 183 mm.
Suitable for locomotives with a wheel base length up to a 170 mm.

Installation dimensions:
Installation diameter: 203 mm
Installation depth: approx. 25 mm
Exterior diameter: 257 mm

Note: By simply replacing the rail connectors installed as standard with 4081722 transition rail connectors, you can adapt the turntable and the 35901 supplementary set to the ROCO TT track system with 1.8 mm high rail profiles.

Additional Information

General data
Article number 35900
Scale TT
rail profile height 2.1 mm


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