Connecting Worlds

Connecting Worlds
31 de marzo de 2023
Connecting Worlds

Connecting Worlds!

VTG's rail transport company operates under the name Retrack. Retrack GmbH & Co. KG, based in Hamburg, is a wholly owned subsidiary of VTG Rail Logistics.

The company was created following a renaming of Bräunert Verwaltung GmbH and Bräunert Eisenbahnverkehr GmbH & Co. KG. The Retrack-Network connects the mostimportant economic centers in Europe . 

Thanks to its own locomotive pool, consisting of electric and diesel locomotives, VTG Rail Logistics can carry out freight transports via the network in single wagon traffic just as flexibly as via wagon groups or block trains.

The class 193 locomotives are leased by Railpool and operate not only in Germany but also in neighbour countries.

Visually, the beautifully designed locomotives attract particular attention thanks to their special livery. While the basic color is white, the locomotive body is decorated with stripes and bands in elegant blue and gray.

Also our model (Art. No.: 70728, 70729, 78729) the painting and printing is particularly complex.

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