The "pot" cars are rolling in!

 The "pot" cars are rolling in!

The increasing transport of powdered materials in the late 1950s, especially cement, led to the need to purchase new silo cars. The wagons used for mass transportation of bulk materials were owned by the cement and lime manufacturers and were included in the ČSD fleet as P-wagons, i.e. private wagons.


Recently, the pre-series of the models (ref. nos.: 77001, 77002, 7703) was held, for which all versions were assembled for the first time. Its purpose was to check the accuracy of fit of all parts and, if necessary, to make adjustments. This is because ROCO sets great value on a perfect fit in mold making, gluing is only done in rare exceptions.

The completely new designed cars stand out already at first sight because of their elaborate implementation and detailed realization. They are delivered to the dealers fully equipped ex works.


Among the highlights are the lines and treads, which have been reproduced in minimal material thicknesses, and the openwork running grids of the platforms next to the silo pots.

The outlets of the pots have also been designed down to the last detail and are made in several parts and colors.

If you look underneath the car, you will notice the newly designed bogies of various types as well as the replicated lines. You can already look forward to these little masterpieces!