10836 - Z21 switch DECODER

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EAN: 4005575251709
Z21 switch DECODER The Z21 switch DECODER is an universally applicable DCC switching decoder with a ower output of 2 Amperes for up to 8 switches or up to 16 elements such as LEDs and bulbs. It perfectly can be combined with
■ twin coil motors
■ simple light signals
■ all kind of illumination
■ the control of relays Highlights:
■ 8 output pairs can be set independently
■ Optional power supply via extra applied switching power supply
■ Programmable with RailCom® on the main track (POM)
■ Short-circuit protection against overload
■ Updateable Adjustable modes
■ Standard operation - with configurable cut-in time for twin coil motors
■ Instantaneous operation - for switches and uncouplers. Can be be activated with a manual controller depending on the operating time (see also 10775)
■ Bistable continuous operation - Switching on or switching over of the lighting and signals
■ Bistable continuous operation - Switching on or switching over with light bulb simulation
■ Alternative flash
■ Alternative flash with light bulb simulation
■ Item numbers of switches 1-2040 RailCom is a registered trademark of the company Lenz Elektronik GmbH.
Pezzi di ricambio
Corrente in uscita
2 A
Tensione d’ingresso
12–20 V
Dimensioni (LxPxH)
104 x 104 x 25 mm
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3,95 €
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6,80 €
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