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The series 95 is in the construction phase!

The series 95 steam locomotive was the most powerful tank locomotive ever bought by the Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft. All in all, 45 pieces of this gigantic machine were built.

Its nickname „Mountain Queen" is due to the fact that it was mainly used on the railway lines of Sonneberg–Probstzella, the Spessart Ramp, the Franconian Forest Railway, the Geislinger Steige, the Schiefe Ebene and the Rübeland Railway.
After World War 2, 31 locomotives of the series came into possession of the German National Railway. In the 1950ies, the boiler equipment, the valves, the pumps, the driver's cab etc. were adapted to what was customary for the DR, and thus largely unified.

Between 1966 and 1972, 24 machines were converted to oil firing. 10 locos received a new boiler without a Speisedom.
The locomotives were last used on the Eisfeld–Sonneberg railway line. The last of these engines were only put out of service in 1981.

The construction of  ROCO's model (Art. No.: 71095, 71096, 79096) of this brawny locomotive is well advanced. With the photos, we want to give you a first impression of the current state of the project.
The passion with which the ROCO design engineers create the model is already obvious.
Freestanding boiler valves, delicate reproductions of the checker plates and the holder of the end-of-train lantern - none of this is missing on the model.

The running gear lighting and the freestanding third headlight on the back wall of the driver's cabin are further eye-catchers. The digital versions of the model feature dynamic smoke.
Thanks to a micro-motor, the smokestack emits puffs of smoke that are in synchrony with the sound, thus making heavy freight trains seem even more powerful, even in scale 1:87. This concept, which has already proved successful in the series 85 steam locomotives, has been refined to guarantee playing fun that is true to the origin.

Compared to classical smoke generators, ROCO's dynamic smoke not only ensures synchronicity, but also a substantial increase in the quantity and the duration of the emission of smoke.
Frequent refillings of the steam-smoke-distillate are no longer necessary.

The frame of the model and the chassis from the water tanks to the tender are made of metal. This provides enough weight to ensure sufficient tractive force. The loco will be equipped with high-quality metal wheels and zinc/aluminium alloy coupling rods.

As is usual for ROCO, the height of the wheel flange has been defined to ensure a good combination of operational reliability and a faithful reproduction of the original, so that the loco does not only look good, but also performs well on the track.

Please note that the photos show the current status and not the final version.
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