With the smartRail rolling bed track railway locomotives can be effectively staged even in the smallest space. The innovative technology allows you to experience how it feels to drive your locomotive on a track bed only 54 centimeters long.

smartRail is the design piece for your desk or a very special place in your living room. Whether at home or in the office, with smartRail you enjoy the full functionality, the true to the original features and precision of your digital locomotive, whenever and wherever you want.

E-Lok Rh 1293 (Art. Nr. 73953, 73954,79954)

Compact driving pleasure for collectors and locomotive enthusiasts

The smartRail rolling bed track excels with its high-quality workmanship, a combination of fine wood look and high-quality glass processing. There are sensors at the beginning and at the end of the track bed, which keep your locomotive in the middle of the track bed even when running, no matter what speed you use. The cylinder valves hiss, the speedometer climbs to high-speed, the taillights light up while your desk locomotive shows audibly, visibly and extremely effectively what it has got. A surprisingly unique driving experience – that only can become reality with the under 54 centimeter long smartRail track bed. Acceleration, braking, light signals, sound: With smartRail you experience the full range of functions of your locomotive in the smallest of spaces.

Steamlocomotive BR 85 (Art. Nr.: 72270, 78270)

All gauge H0, DC and AC locomotives powered by the DCC and Motorola protocols run on the smartRail rolling bed track. SmartRail automatically detects the appropriate power system for all suitable locomotives that have a length between approx. 120 and 305 mm.

The locomotives are controlled via smartphone, tablet or directly on the device via the function keys. Thanks to the innovative Z21 model railway control function integrated in smartRail, the locomotives can also be controlled from a photorealistic driver's cab.

Experience the compact driving pleasure of smartRail whenever and wherever you want!

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