Now you can be right in the thick of it!

Roco H0 camera locomotives are revolutionising the world of model railways!

Feel like a real train driver.
Generations of model railway enthusiasts have dreamed of it; and thanks to Roco's camera locomotives, those dreams have now come true. On every journey you will see your model railway like you've never seen it before...from the train driver's perspective!

A fantastic driving experience: Once installed, the camera is virtually invisible, hidden behind the train's front windscreen. When the train turns, so too does the camera. The high camera quality with automatic exposure, the large field of view and the extremely wide-angle lens provide a fantastic picture. Images are transmitted digitally to tablet PCs, smartphones and laptops.

Control the train like a real train driver with Z21®! With Z21® controls you can stream the live images directly alongside realistic images of the driver's cab. You can control your locomotive like a real train driver using the touchscreen and see the track through the (virtual) front windscreen of the driver's cab.

Incredibly easy: Plug & Play

  • Place your ROCO camera locomotive with its integrated WLAN module on the track.
  • Activate the camera locomotive function in the Z21® locomotive library – and off you go!
  • With tablet PCs you can use the Z21® controls to stream your train's journey live alongside realistic images of the driver's cab.
  • Fullscreen mode available for PCs and smartphones.

For more information on camera locomotives, including video clips, visit www.Z21.eu.

For details of current models with camera locomotives, see Products. Our range of products is constantly being updated, so subscribe to the Roco newsletter to get all the information right away.
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