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You can download the Rocomotion Software HIER!
1) How to programme the address of the turnout decoder 10775 via Rocomotion?
Programming via Route Control is based on the fact that you put the decoder in programming status and then execute all turnout commands.
In precisely this way, the Rocomotion software also can be handled. Create a turnout icon, enter its data properties, input the desired address and press this turnout symbol. By following the transmitted commands of the software, the decoder - if it is in the programming state – is programmed just like the Route Control.

2) How can I programme the address of the feedback decoder 10787 via Rocomotion?
At the block (or Traffic Box) concerned please select the tab/tool indicator. There you click on "Properties". In this “Properties “dialog field then click "Setting ..." and follow the onscreen instructions.It is important, when programming the feedback module, that only one feedback module is connected. During normal operation, of course, various modules can be connected, but their addresses must be in ascending order (there shouldn’t be any address gaps). As a control and after a self-test, the LEDs display each programmed address.
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