10881 - Decoder for 22 pole Plux interfaces (NEM 658), with current control

Railway company:    |
Gauge: H0   |
EAN: 9005033108816
Automatic recognition of DCC, Märklin Motorola and analog DC or AC operation. Max. motor current: 1800 mA. Two light outputs and two additional 7 function outputs (AUX). Light and AUX connections can be dimmed seperately / Blinking operation with lead time control. Setting of magnetic coupling with high starting power but low holding power. Repetetive uncoupling can also be set. Three phase smoke generator (Power phases: start/normal/idle running). For short addresses (1-127) and long addresses (128-9999). With characteristic three point line and alternative line diagram | Mass simulation can be switched off. Shunting gear is switchable. Adjustable frequency drives: 100 Hz/15-22 kHz. Function Mapping of all possible functions. Immediate recognition of over current + short circuit => automatic switch off. Immediate recognition of train braking distances
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