10765 - Digital booster

Railway company:    |
Gauge: spurneutral   |
EAN: 9005033107659
The booster of the multiMAUS system delivers 3.2 A maximum. Anyone with a big layout, requiring more output, divides his layout up into supply segments, using insulating rail connectors and this booster is used to provide the remaining 3.2 A. The second segment of the layout is supplied with track voltage from the booster. The booster receives the information from the amplifier via a special cable, which is of course included. Four boosters can be used per layout, combined with the braking generator 10779, also more. Each booster requires its own 670601 transformer.

■ Digital Booster
■ Connection cable
■ Operation manual

Digital plus by Lenz is a registered trademark of Lenz Elektronik GmbH, Gießen.
Output current
3,2 A
Dimensions (LxWxH)
115 x 122 x 40 mm
Connecting cable
Art. No.: 10619 € 9,90
Booster connection cable
Art. No.: 10757 € 12,90
Braking generator
Art. No.: 10779 € 184,90
Switching power supply
Art. No.: 10851 € 79,90
Light transformer for high capacity
Art. No.: 670601 € 82,40
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