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10870 - Z21 XL Series

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Z21 XL Series

The new Z21 XL series has been especially adapted for the requirements of large gauges (0, 1, 2, G), and unites the advantages and the convenience of the Z21 system with high output voltages.

In terms of the control centre scope of functions, the Z21 XL Series primarily differs from the Z21 through the track output with 6 Amperes of main track current. However, the rail voltage cannot be adjusted, and is dependent on the power supply unit used. In addition, the Z21 XL Series features a Z-CAN for a high number of Z21 XL boosters.

The benefits at a glance
■ More output voltage with 6 A at 20 V
■ Control via WLAN provides high range and transmission security
■ Convenient Z21 App and Z21 WLANMAUS for the control of your entire system

■ Z21 XL Series digital control centre
■ Power supply unit and cable 6 A 20 V
■ WLAN router & power supply unit

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