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74082 - 3 piece set "Gotthard-Panorama Express", SBB. (Set 2)

Railway company:    |
Epoch: VI   |
Gauge: H0   |
Elect. system: DC   |
EAN: 9005033740825
The Set 2 contains three express train wagons of the Swiss Federal Railways.

The set contains a 1st class express train wagon with service compartment type EW IV, a 2nd class express train wagon type EW IV and a luggage car type MC 76.

* Scale model with interior design
* Special edition packaging "100 years of electrification of the Gotthard Railway"

Since April 2017, you can find an unique highlight on the historical Gotthard panoramic route between Lucerne and Lugano: the "Gotthard Panorama Express" ! The opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel means that fewer trains are traveling along the old mountain route. The fascinating line crosses the Swiss mountains and passes over 200 bridges and seven loop tunnels. This interplay of nature and technology prompted the Swiss Federal Railways and the shipping company of Lake Lucerne to launch the "Gotthard Panorama Express".
The train consists of first-class panoramic carriages which have been cleared by the InterRegio trains previously operated on the Gotthardbahn. Furthermore, additional passenger coaches, including one with opening windows for a special photo experience, as well as a luggage wagon were part of it. As a restaurant is available on the boat, no dining car is carried. During the trip, there is information given about the sights and attractions along the way. Tour guides complete the service on this unique journey.
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