05420 - Austro Daimler 22/70 “Phaeton” closed

Railway company:    |
Gauge: H0   |
EAN: 9005033054205
Austro Daimler 22/70 “Phaeton” closed, construction year 1929.

The Austro Daimler ADR was a world-class prestige car, lighter and better to drive than most of its competitors. The British journalist WF Gradley had the opportunity to ride an ADR 1929 during the “International Alpenfahrt” rally, and felt that “there is not even a hint of twisting, even when using a seven-seater body”. The vehicle was able to easily keep a steady speed of about 110 km / h on flat roads and the brakes withstood all challenges in the mountains over 1 week and on a distance of nearly 3200 km.
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