74160 - 3 piece set: Double deck coaches, Koleje Mazowieckie

Railway company:    |
Epoch: VI   |
Gauge: H0   |
Elect. system: DC   |
EAN: 9005033741600
3 piece set of 2 double deck coaches and 1 control cab coach of the Koleje Mazowieckie. Epoch VI. Each wagon is equipped with interior lighting. The control cab coach has a white and red light change and a PluX22 Interface.
■ Design modifications on the control cab coach true to the original model
■ Design in collaboration with hobbytrade In the daily regional traffic the company Koleje Mazowieckie operates a tight interval timetable. The model of the BR 170 features a state of the art Plux22 interface and a true to original pilot(cowcatcher) which is mounted on the chassis. The double-deck coaches of the company "hobby trade" in scale 1:87 perfectly match the very colourful locomotive. The control cab coach undergoes an elaborate change in shape true to the original model.
General data
Interior fitting
Model with interior furnishing
Interior fitting
Model with interior lighting
NEM shaft 362 with close coupling mechanism
LED lighting
Head light
Direction dependent triple front headlights and dual rear headlights.
LED head light
Length over buffer
929 mm

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