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10789 - Z21 Booster Adapter

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Gauge: spurneutral   |
The Booster Adapter is used to be able to connect up to 15 boosters with CDE interfaces to the booster bus. An X-bus port is provided to supply voltage to the adapter. Status LEDs display the 12-V supply as well as an active CDE end stage; besides, the adapter has an overcurrent or short-circuit protector at the CDE output.

The booster adapter can be used on the following central units or amplifiers:
■ Digital amplifier (10764)
■ multiZENTRALE Pro (10832)
■ z21®start
■ Z21® (10820, 10822)

Intended purpose:

If the power of our booster is not sufficient (e.g. major railway companies, 0–IIm track), you can connect a strong CDE booster (e.g. Massod, Lenz, Tams) using the CDE adapter to the booster bus of our central units or amplifiers.

■ Booster Adapter
■ Connection cable
■ Operation manual
Spare parts

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