42454 - Three-way turnout DWW15

Railway company:    |
Gauge: H0   |
EAN: 9005033424541
Asymmetrical three-way turnout DWW15 without turnout mechanisms. First divergence to the left, second divergence to the right.
Length 287.5 mm (= G1 + G¼), branch angle 15° each, branch radius 873.5 mm each, frog angle 10.8°.

To adapt the length a 57.5 mm G¼ straight track element and spacers D12 and D4 are included.

Suitable turnout mechanisms (2 pieces are required):
40296 (electric turnout mechanism right)
or 10030 (below baseboard mechanism).
Please note the operating instructions!
Electric turnout mechanism right
Art. No.: 40296 € 28,90
Below baseboard mechanism
Art. No.: 10030 € 42,90
Manual turnout mechanism right
Art. No.: 40298 € 8,90
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