10822 - Digital control center Z21® USA

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EAN: 9005033108229
■ Intuitive operating concept for beginners and pros, control of the model railway locomotives through virtual, photorealistic drivers' cabs of different types of vehicles.
■ you can also easily manage and administrate large train fleets
■ multi-protocol center for DCC and Motorola® formats
■ upgrade for existing digitally controlled layouts through backwards compatibility, i.e. MULTIMAUS®, Lokmaus 2
■ switching of turnouts and soleonids
■ RailCom® compatible
■ software and sound of our ZIMO-Sound-Decoders can be updated at anytime
■ Connection of Smartphone, Tablet-PC, WiFi MULTIMAUS®, MULTIMAUS®
■ Plug & Play - connect and you are ready to go !
■ Camera locomotives via Z21® app
■ Integrated interface for connecting a PC
■ you can easily connect to your Smartphone via pre-configurated WiFi router

■ 3 times X-Bus
■ main track for DCC and Motorola, 3 A, feedback enabled
■ separate programming track: for programming, decoder updating, sound programming. Feed back enabled.
■ Booster-Bus for Roco Booster 10765, 10805, 10806, 10807, CDE-Booster über 10789
■ Roco-Feedback Bus for Roco Feedback module 10787
■ LAN-Bus, pre-equipped CAN-Bus and LocoNet-Bus
■ Sniffer Bus

Dimensions of Z21: 207 mm x 146 mm x 37 mm.

Dimensions of router: 174 mm x 144 mm x 30 mm.

Contents of delivery:
■ digital control center Z21®
■ switching power supply 10851
■ NEMA connector
■ pre-configured WiFi router for Plug and Play operations incl. switching power supply with NEMA connector
■ Manual

You can order the back plug terminal RM3,5 2p (Item 96321) at your online shope as a spare part.

Motorola is a registered trademark of Motorola Inc., Schaumburg, Illinois.

RailCom is a registered trademark of Lenz Elektronik GmbH.
Operating voltage
110 V

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