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42401 - Flex track F4 with concrete sleepers

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Gauge: H0   |
Flex track F4 with concrete sleepers.
Length 920 mm.

Please note: Each FlexTrack requires a track end piece on only one side.

Laying tips:
Flexible tracks can be bent to form curves of any radius down to R2 = 358 mm. In view of the fact that the two rails will differ in length depending on the radius, it is necessary to cut them to length (Roco 10900 craft saw).
For laying the flex tracks you need track nails, rail connectors and sleeper end pieces. The latter contain the necessary cut-outs in the region of the rail fastenings and make it easier to join flex tracks to one another. The flex track rails are cut to length, then the last three sleepers are cut off the track and the sleeper end piece are pushed onto the rail profiles of the flex track to replace the last three sleepers.
Rail profile height
2.1 mm
Track fixing pins, short
Art. No.: 10000 € 7,90
ROCO Rubber
Art. No.: 10002 € 15,90
Hobbyist‘s saw
Art. No.: 10900 € 16,90
Sleeper end piece
Art. No.: 42601 € 5,20
Rail joiners
Art. No.: 42610 € 4,60
Plastic insulating rail joiners
Art. No.: 42611 € 4,60
Adapter rail clips
Art. No.: 42612 € 6,60
2-pole connecting cable
Art. No.: 42613 € 6,60
Track bed
Art. No.: 42661 € 14,40
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