42594 - Double slip turnout DKW15

Railway company:    |
Gauge: H0   |
EAN: 9005033425944
Double slip turnout DKW15 with bedding, manually operated. Design “Baeseler” with closure blades located at the outside.
Length 230 mm (standard length), crossing angle 15°, effective branch radius 1050 mm.

For diagonal installation two D4 and one D 12 are included.

Owing to the geometrical characteristics of this type of double slip turnout it is necessary to always use it polarized.

Suitable turnout mechanisms (2 pieces are required): 42620 or 42624.
Please note the operating instructions!
Universal bedding switch drive
Art. No.: 42620 € 13,40
Digital switch drive
Art. No.: 42624 € 20,90
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