64356 - 2nd class passenger coach, MBS

Railway company:    |
Operating number 5329 B7   |
Epoch: IV   |
Gauge: H0   |
Elect. system: DC   |
EAN: 9005033643560
2nd class passenger coach of the Montafonerbahn.

■ Perfectly matches the electric locomotive 1045.03 (Art. no. 73503, 79503)
■ Art. no. 64357: modified running number

These wagons were the first all metal wagons of the SBB. In 1970 most of the wagons were decommissioned by the SBB. Some of them have been sold abroad (e.g. to Austria and to Italy). That's actually how the Montafonerbahn (MBS) discovered this wagon group.
Spare parts
General data
Interior lighting Article number
Interior fitting
Model with interior furnishing
Interior fitting
Interior lighting can be retrofitted
NEM shaft 362 with close coupling mechanism
AC Wheel set Article number
Length over buffer
230 mm

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