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The small locomotive series 2062 gets in shape!

A few weeks ago, the pre-series of the ROCO model of the Austrian small locomotives series 2062 (article nr. 72001, 78001) took place. With its striking cast-iron front shields, which serve as ballast weights, the locomotive was used throughout Austria in the shunting and construction train service. These locomotives were found on the Lower Austrian branch lines in front of passenger trains with one or two wagons.
The last locomotives left normal service in 2003. However, a few are still in use as factory and construction locomotives with the series designation X262.

The ROCO model convinces with its filigree implementation at first glance. The grille, which makes the locomotive of the 2062 series appear so distinctive, is certainly a striking highlight. Freestanding handlebars and sharp engravings on the chassis are a real eyecatcher.
As the small locomotives as Köf (article nr. 72016, 78016) and Sik (article nr. 72012, 78012) have already proven, there is a lot of technology in the small locomotives.

They roll onto the tracks with built-in decoders with prototypical sound functions and digital shunting coupling. An adequately dimensioned buffer encoder is installed so that you can drive there without interruption even when driving slowly. The model of series 2062 is also driven on 2 axes because it is lager in terms of space.
Please note in the pictures that the model shown is a pre-series sample. Parts of the molds have not yet been finally coordinated, not all plug-in parts are available yet. The composition of the sample does not show a specific model variant.
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