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The TEE Roland is approaching!

The „Roland", whose name is derived from the landmark of the city of Bremen, was introduced in 1951 as a long distance fast train on the route between Bremen and Frankfurt via the Main-Weser Railway. After the Diesel railcars VT 08.5 were delivered, it operated as a „Ft“ (long distance express railcar) and its route was extended to Basel.

From 1965 on, the "Roland“ operated as a train set hauled by a locomotive, after trials had already been launched in 1963. In 1968, the route was limited to Bremen - Mannheim, where the connection from and to Switzerland was established by the TEE "Rheingold“.
The TEE "Roland“ was introduced with the summer timetable 1969 and its route was extended to Milan at the same time.

It was closely connected with the "Rheingold“, because it exchanged its through coaches with it at Basel main station - an unusual thing for TEE trains. The compartment coaches from and to Milan had a common cycle in the TEEs "Rheingold“, "Rheinpfeil“ and "Roland“, which was operated by the depot Munich-Pasing.

Like all other TEE trains, the “Roland“ only had first class coaches, which offered the highest level of convenience. This included air condition, of course. Since the panoramic coaches were too costly both for purchase and maintenance and required a special permission due to their clearance gauge, special bar coaches were procured for further locomotive hauled TEE trains, including three of the coaches for our "Roland“, which were operated by the DSG, just like the new dining cars. In Germany, the TEE "Roland“ was usually hauled by a series 103, in Switzerland, the express train was hauled by a  Re 4/4II in TEE colours, and in Italy by a series E 444, the showpiece locomotive of the FS at the time, also known as "Tartaruga“. At 1.183.7 km, its route was one of the longest of all TEE trains.

In 1979, the "Roland“ was replaced by the IC "Tiziano“, which connected Hamburg and Milan and had both first and second class coaches. In return, there was a new TEE "Roland“ between Bremen and Stuttgart, which continued to establish the connection from and to the "Rheingold“ in Mannheim, but was already abandoned in 1980, due to insufficient passenger loads.

Our train sets represent the status of 1973/74 and also allow for a reproduction of the "Roland“ south of Basel with the through coaches of the "Rheingold“, which should especially be interesting for Swiss and Italian model railway enthusiasts. On the German track section, further saloon coaches and compartment coaches were added to those from the third set between Bremen and Frankfurt (M) / Bremen and Mannheim.

Three-piece sets of the TEE Roland (Art. No.: 74072, 74073, 74074)

  • Coaches in the status around 1975 in TEE painting with black skirt
  • The only bar coach of the DB with "Speiseraum" labelling
  • Finely detailed bogies
  • Matching locomotives and technical details

Electric locomotive 103 109-5 (Art. No.: 70212, 70213, 78213)

  • Version with short driver's cab and scissors pantograph
  • With silver contrast surfaces at the cooling grill
  • Headlight can be switched off partially or completely by means of a DIP switch (analogue version)
  • Z21 driver's cab available

Electric locomotive Re 4/4" 11251 (Art. No.: 71405, 71406, 79406)

  • For the first time as a shape variant of the Simplon Re 4/4II of the Depot Lausanne
  • New design of the sides
  • Z21 driver's cab available

Electric locomotive E.444.032 (Art. No.: 70890, 70891, 78891)

  • Delicate metal handrails
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