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Great Masters have to be celebrated!


Great Masters have to be celebrated!

The Italian artist, architect, thinker, engineer, philosopher and physician, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) went down in history as a true jack of all trades. His most famous works are the painting of the Mona Lisa, the mural “The Last Supper” and the drawing “The Vitruvian Man”. Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 14, 1452 in a village near Florence in Tuscany. He spent his apprenticeship with the painter and sculptor Andrea del Verrocchio in Florence. This allowed him to develop his artistic and craft skills. By 1472 the painters‘ guild St. Luke considered him a real master of his trade. He spent the period from 1489 to 1499 in Milan, where he increasingly devoted himself to scientific work. He brought his technical ideas of armoured cars, cannons, submarines, aircrafts and “perpetual motion” on paper. Ever since his early career, he dealt with architecture, hydraulics and
mechanics. Many of his designs were never realised during his lifetime and there remains a long list of unfinished paintings. He was a visionary far ahead of his time on intellectual, artistic and technical levels. Other locations of his work were Florence again, as well as the Vatican. The genius spent his last years in France where he died at the age of 67 years on May 2, 1519 at the Castle “Clus Lucé” in Amboise.
It would not be surprising if the first designs of a railway were to be found somewhere in lost sketches. Famous people often gain public recognition when important express trains are baptized with their names. Therefore, in honour of the great master, Roco dedicates a replica of the EC “Leonardo da Vinci” which is hauled by the legendary locomotives of the DB series 110.3 and the ÖBB series 1044 as well as an art locomotive of the series 1216. The EC follows the train run Dortmund-Milan.

Our special locomotive for Leonardo da Vinci‘s 500th anniversary will be rolling across the big railways in the spring of 2019. In cooperation with the Austrian Federal Railways, a locomotive of the 1216 series will be branded with a beautiful design and used in front of Railjets in Austria, Germany and Italy.
This special anniversary will thus be carried far into the world.
The design is still top secret and therefore we can only show a small part of our beautiful design locomotive (73484, 73485, 79485).

"Leonardo" visited Salzburg

Roco and the Austrian Federal Railways celebrated on May 9, 2019 the great master Leonardo da Vinci.
More than 80 invited public and political guests took part in the first trip of the Leonardo da Vinci Art Locomotive at Salzburg Central Station. In the festive setting the new art locomotive was presented and subsequently baptized by Stefan Schnöll.

The spectacular design of the Leonardo da Vinci locomotive was created by the designer Gudrun Geiblinger. One of the highlights is the homage to the "Mona Lisa", which is depicted on the artificial locomotive with hair blowing from the wind. But even the self-portrait Leonardo da Vinci with thought light underlines the incomparable myth of the universal genius. With the new locomotive design, the artist has succeeded in projecting a modern overall view of such diverse fields of work of such a great master onto a locomotive.

In the course of the festive presentation of the new locomotive, the original of the 10,000 hp locomotive arrived at the Salzburg main station. This electric universal locomotive "Taurus 3" series 1216 of the ÖBB is the fastest locomotive in the world and set 2006 with 357 km / h on a new world record.
After the presentation and the ceremonial entrance, state councilor Stefan Schnöll baptized the locomotive conclusively and expressed his approval that public transport is also made more attractive to the eye.

Roco is not only concerned with railway models, but also with topics related to culture and technology. With the new Leonardo da Vinci locomotive, on the 500th anniversary of the universal scholar's death (+2.5.1519), Roco continues its successful "KUNSTlok" series. The model railway manufacturer regularly honors special personalities (Galileo, Mozart, Van Gogh, Verdi, Wagner) or special anniversaries (175 years of railways for Austria, 150 years of Brenner railways). The latest miniature model in the Leonardo da Vinci design in the scale 1:87 (H0) is available from autumn 2019 in selected retailers or in the Roco online shop for model railroad fans and collectors.

Leonardo Photo-Challenge

We would also like to use this occasion to call for a photo competition: The large "Leonardo da Vinci"- locomotive will be on the road in Austria and its neighboring countries from May 2019. The three best photos win and the lucky winner photographers receive a model of this extraordinary special locomotive!

A little tip for the "hunt" for the most beautiful picture: You can then locate the current location of the "Leonardo da Vinci" Loco via the ÖBB locomotive finder (

All submissions please send to!

Here you find the conditions of participation!

We wish you have a lot of fun!
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