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Luxury train "Rheingold"


Luxury train "Rheingold"

With the introduction of the luxury train
„Rheingold“ on May 15, 1928, a new era began at the Deutsche Reichsbahn. The „Rheingold“ gained its worldwide reputation through its elegant carriages with violet-cream-coloured paint and noble interiors. The “Rheingold” ushered in a new era of the German Railways. The most distinguished express train of the former DRG operated on the lines between Holland, Germany and Switzerland. With the beginning of World War II the train was discontinued. From 1951 on, a long-distance express train “Fernschnellzug (F-train)” operated again with the name „Rheingold“, - initially with all three car classes. The train hauling “Schürzen cars” of the type 1938 in blue livery, also hauled a dining car. In 1960, the Deutsche Bundesbahn initiated the development of new coaches for the traditional „Rheingold“.

These coaches surpassed all previously known coach types in terms of comfort and travel speed. Initially in 1962 there were 5 open seating cars, 10 compartment cars with only nine compartments, 2 humpback dining cars and 3 dome cars delivered. This allowed the Deutsche Bundesbahn to compose two train formations. The new 26.4-meter long car formation with gold sputtered double panes was fully air-conditioned and furnished with elegant interiors. So, this is why the „Rheingold“ became the crème de la crème of all German comfort trains.

The exclusive cars of course had the noblest draft horses. In the epoch IV, for example, they were hauled by the locomotive series 1200 of the Dutch State Railways, in Germany by the locomotive series 112, and on the Swiss railway lines by the Re 4 / 4I which was painted with the TEE colours.
With the integration of the hourly schedule in the intercity traffic summer timetable 1979, the period as TEE trains ended. From then the „Rheingold“ operated until 1987, as an IC train with second-class cars on the lines between the cities of Amsterdam and Basel.

The Roco models (Art. No .: 74135/74136, 73076, 73077, 79077) are currently in development, so we took the opportunity and visited the colleagues from the product preparation with the camera!

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