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Success lies in the details and advanced technology !

ROCO is pursuing the goal of further pushing the high toy value and fun of the model railway through the use of digital technologies. The authentic reproduction of the originals is always in focus. Therefore, ROCO is thoroughly committed to the highest quality in design, construction and processing and the use of state-of-the-art technologies and production methods.

ROCO is pure model railway pleasure

ROCO offers both beginners and experts an inspiring hobby and brings generations together. The true to the original models set new standards for the creative toy value and fun for all model railway fans. This enormous attention to detail is underlined by the highest reliability and functionality. ROCO guarantees pure model railway pleasure and is characterized by continuous technical innovations in the digitization of railway models.

Fascination Model Railways in Scale H0 and H0e

Precise reproduction and scaling, a high level of delicate detailing and the most advanced technology are the two fundamental guidelines of the ROCO standards. ROCO is the specialist in the international railway history with a full range in gauge H0, models in gauge H0e and a wide international model range.

The ultimate target in every new development is to inspire model railway fans and collectors with outstanding models, and to further strengthen the position as the market leader in the fields of two-wire direct current models.

"We want all model railway fans to enjoy the operation and collection of vehicles as much as we do in creating these extraordinary miniature"

The ROCO values:

  • Innovation: ROCO stands for advanced technology and is a digital pioneer in linking the virtual and real world of games (e.g. Z21 Model Railway Control).
  • Quality: ROCO focuses on valuable and manual work and combines high engineering expertise with the precise work of qualified employees.
  • Partnership with retailers and customers: The shared enthusiasm for model railways as well as the high quality promise and a comprehensive range of services characterize ROCO's special partnership with its trading partners and customers.
  • Enthusiasm for the products and the work: ROCO combines a special passion from planning through the development of true to the original railway models to the production and delivery of the finished miniature models.
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