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Innovation and highest quality standards

Roco relies on the highest quality and craftsmanship. The combination of high engineering expertise and the precise work of qualified employees characterizes Roco’s models as being true to the originals. More than 900 qualified employees contribute to the success of the Roco brand and operate at five sites.

Headquarter Roco Bergheim/Salzburg (Austria)

The company headquarter of Roco is based in Bergheim near Salzburg (Austria).This is where the company has not only its executive management, sales and marketing departments worldwide, but also its product management and finance departments as well as the central customer service.

Roco Site in Gloggnitz (Austria)

The Roco track systems are produced in Gloggnitz as wells as our Roco motors which are famous for their smooth operation and high traction power. The site is also the know-how center of all toolmaking expertise - from complex housings with multiple slides to the smallest rivets. The site in Gloggnitz also houses the center for precision plastic injection molding.

Using state-of-the-art precision injection molding methods and procedures the molds are created which make true-to-detail model railway dreams come true.

Circuit boards, pantographs, controls and wheels for further processing in other Roco plants, are also produced in Gloggnitz.

Roco site in Banská Bystrica (Slovakia)

Banská Bystrica is the competence center for surface finishing. Most miniature vehicles are given the final paint job at this site. They also undergo pad printing and digital printing processes to get their final realistic look. In the field of digital printing, Roco is now a leader in the model railway industry due to years of research and development. Part of the Roco tool manufacturing and locomotive assembly is also there.

Roco site in Arad (Romania)

The state-of-the-art Roco plant in the Romanian city of Arad mainly produces locomotives and a large part of the company’s wagon program, as well as most of the H0 rails and digital components. Qualified Roco employees build meticulously from several hundred parts, Roco locomotives and wagons are then thoroughly tested and undergo strict quality control. Our location in Arad was the first company in the model railway industry to receive ISO 9001 certification by the German DQS GmbH for its high-quality standards.

Furthermore, the Roco factory in Arad also has a small print shop. The location of Arad is considered the industrial center of Romania and forms an important transport hub in Europe which is an additional feature of the ISO-certified Roco production site.

Roco site in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Our new location is in the metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, the economic center of Vietnam. Since the end of 2016 ROCO produces models from injection molding and painting to printing and final assembly. The miniature models undergo the same quality controls as they do in all European plants, so a consistently high-quality standard of Roco Modelleisenbahnen can be ensured worldwide.
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