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With 8700 hp on the rails ...
As an exclusive partner, ROCO has paid a tribute in H0 scale to of this special locomotive.
Switzerland celebrates 175 years of railroad
On March 09, 2022, the special locomotive has been solemnly showcased together with a sister locomotive of the freight subsidiary "SBB Cargo" at the SBB maintenance facility in Yverdon-les-Bains.
Pre-series: The electric locomotive 1600 takes shape
With the new model of the Dutch Railroad series 1600, 1700 and 1800, one of the most important locomotives from the Netherlands takes shape in a contemporary and complete new design.
Delivery: November & December 2021
Unfortunately, due to the current situation, only a limited delivery of the novelties is possible. Please take a look at the list and find out what else will be shipped this year.
The BR 95 in the final assembly!
Our highlight model of the class 95 (ref no.: 71095, 71096, 79096) is currently in the final assembly. We take you with us to our factory in Arad, Romania, and show you how our Edition model is being built.
The winners have been chosen and we would like to congratulate them!
In the Making: The Nightjet Taurus!
The work on the model of the Nightjet Taurus is currently in full swing! Currently, the model is in the print film production, so that nothing stands in the way of delivery in the fall.
Soon on your layout
The popular vehicles with the blue Nightjet design are being extended. We are realising this model with all details and will deliver it to our specialized retailers in week 47.
Winter News 2021/22 cancelled
The COVID-19 pandemic is once again giving us some challenges. The difficult procurement of goods and the worldwide transport problems are causing unforeseeable delivery delays.
Pre-serial sample: Tank Car type Zacns
The ROCO model (Art. No.: 76027, 76028, 76029) is a modern and delicate reproduction of the widely used prototype. All the cat walk gratings are pierced to authentically reproduce the grating structure of the prototype in the scale 1:87.
It will be worth the wait!
The pre-series sample of our "dumpling press"
will already give you a first impression of the reproduction of this shapely and
versatile locomotive.
Pre-series: Railway freight car Pwgs 41
Our current pre-series models (Art. No.: 74220, 74229) show the current work status
of the new construction in scale 1:87. ROCO will be the first to produce
an authentic and true-to-scale model of this widely used baggage car.
With "LKW Winner" from north to south
With the ROCO display, a prototypical Company Train can be reproduced in the model.
As elaborate as the original!
From 1959, the German Federal Railway received 5000 units of the so-called n-coaches. For a long time, they were an important part of the rolling stock and were used for regional traffic.
The TEE Roland is approaching!
The „Roland", whose name is derived from the landmark of the city of Bremen, was introduced in 1951 as a long distance fast train on the route between Bremen and Frankfurt.
OEBB Nightjet is also rolling in at ROCO & FLEISCHMANN
OEBB and Siemens Mobility presented the first painted car body and the exterior design for the new generation of Nightjets. Already
All-rounder in combined transport
The ROCO model of the T3000e represents a completely new construction in zinc die-cast design. With the resulting higher dead weight, reliable operation is guaranteed.
There’s no stopping
Modelleisenbahn GmbH had a successful 2020. With a sales increase of over 4.5 million euros compared to 2019, this model railway producer has reached another milestone as a world market lead in the DC sector.
In Detail! The German EDK is approaching!
After the glaring ÖBB version, the yellow version of the EDK 750 (Art. No. 73035, 79035) is rolling onto the H0 tracks.
Europe on tracks!
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Austria's accession to the EU, the European Commission and the ÖBB ordered a Taurus locomotive in EU design.
Freight wagons for all H0e modelists!
From 1942, the waggon factory "Busch" in Bautzen delivered narrow-gauged freight wagons to the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Since the wagons that remained in Austria after World War 2 were mainly required for the transport of wood, several conversions were applied to them. These converted waggons were classified as SSm/s by ÖBB.
A real technological highlight!
ROCO has always played a pioneering role in many areas. This also applies to digital technology and the development of functional models. With the EDK 750 railway slewing crane, an absolute highlight model will appear in 2020.
Pre-serial model: Sliding-wall wagon
The model of the sliding wall freight wagon Hbbillns is much in demand, and it is already well advanced. These two-axle sliding wall freight wagons are in use at many railway companies in central Europe.
Pilot series: Diesel locomotive V 60.10
A few weeks ago, the first models of the V 60 were assembled in Gloggnitz, Austria. On the first pictures the sophisticated conversion of the model already shows up.
60 years old and not a bit tired!
In just a few weeks, the models of our "60 years" Taurus will roll onto the H0 tracks. The final print designs for the model are currently being prepared.
A lot of technology in a small space!
Model Y8000 is also driven on 2 axes because of its bigger size. Seeing our detailed pictures you notice the fine details of the model.
The small locomotive series 2062 gets in shape!
A few weeks ago, the pre-series of the ROCO model of the Austrian small locomotives series 2062 (article nr. 72001, 78001) took place.
Taking measures for a very special model
The model of the series 95 steam locomotive (art. nr. 71095, 71096, 79096) is being worked on at high pressure. The most important measurement works recently took place in the Blankenburg Railway Museum.
Toy Fair 2020
In 2020 ROCO again presented its top innovations at the toy fair in Nuremberg. We are happy to produce a video with many insights and outlooks for you.
Z21 - simply digital!
We have wonderful news for you, because in 2020 we will be presenting a digital “Swiss Army Knife” that you can use to help you
Configure, update and control your model train layout very easily. Handling your digital model train components has never been easier!
"Leonardo"-Photo Challenge
We would like to call for a photo competition: The large "Leonardo da Vinci"- locomotive will be on the road in Austria and its neighboring countries from May 2019. The three best photos win and the lucky winner photographers receive a model of this extraordinary special locomotive!
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