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ROCO model railways for generations

Model trains are a beautiful hobby that brings generations together. It has been a special pleasure for ROCO to light up countless children's eyes for more than 60 years now and to fascinate adults with enormous attention to delicate detailing and precise technology.

ROCO railway models combine technical sophistication with detailed depiction and high creativity. This perfect match of rich detailing and technology, which the ROCO product developers constantly optimize and develop, is our secret and guarantees for the continued success of the ROCO miniature railways.

From the sandpit to the innovation leader

The company was founded in 1960 and initially specialized in the production of plastic products (such as sand pails, miniature military vehicles, etc.). In the meantime, ROCO has evolved into a leader in innovation and technology due to continuous developments and is one of the world's leading providers of railway models.

In 1976, the first locomotives were produced. Since the beginning of the model railway production the models were characterized by their high precision and true to the original execution. This set the company’s high quality standards from very early on.

In addition, ROCO “Modelleisenbahn” has always thought ahead of its time and has pushed and challenged the market with many innovations. Particularly noteworthy here during the last decades are the following achievements: the unrestricted in length wagons, the true to the original tracks with less high rail profiles or the "hook-free" close couplers. A milestone for the future is the state-of-the-art Z21 control system, which for the first time combines virtual and real worlds of gaming, raising the playing value of model railways to a whole new level.

The ROCO headquarters is located in Bergheim near Salzburg. The company has a global presence and is part of the Modelleisenbahn GmbH, a company of the Modelleisenbahn Holding GmbH, to which also belongs the German quality manufacturer FLEISCHMANN.

ROCO sets the highest quality standards

For ROCO, quality production plays a very central role. Strong values and manual work is considered a very important position in the company. Only in this way can the delicately detailed, extremely reliable and outstanding functional miniatures be designed. The comprehensive ROCO quality management with internally and externally applied quality assurance measures is constantly concerned that ROCO locomotive and wagon owners receive the best possible quality and enjoy their models for a long time. So in this field ROCO is a pioneer in the model railway industry. For example, the ROCO plant in Arad was the first factory in the model railway industry to be certified by the German DQS GmbH according to ISO 9001.
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