Driving round the circles? There's an end in sight!

In 30 seconds from Munich to Paris! There is also a bunch of flowers waiting! Is this a tricky challenge? Yes, it seems to be so.
Thanks to the new program line Next Generation, Roco brings lots of fun with different kinds of challenges into the children’s room. And the best part: In Next all the beloved toys can be brought together – this is really fun for every one!

Next Generation – modell railway & game fun in one!

Next Generation combines classic model railway with uniquely varied eGames. Electric locomotives, steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, tracks and switches – all of which combine real model railway and virtual gaming into an exciting game.

Boredom is out!
Driving in an oval circle is not a children’s game. Therefore Roco has come up with something completely new: In Next children and young people have to fulfill tasks – such as to bring a Munich bouquet to Paris. They can be played always in a team or alone.  In Next tasks would be assigned, questions must be answered and small maneuvers with the model train should be successfully conducted. Winner can only be the one who is fast, skillful and clever.

Roco Next Generation

A multicolored fantasy world 

The brand new line Next has top technology and low price. Roco manages to bring to children a game world which they can build within their own game room: a small furry teddy bear, a self-made toy house, the colorful wooden cars, some play dough, a landscape made of cardboard ... each toy has its place between the locomotives and cars here in Next. Roco integrates the model train to the game room! 
The technology behind the game of Roco is completely new: WLAN and RFID (radio-frequency identification) are working together here. Everyone can control it with his tablet and smartphone.
To be continued! We will keep you up to date, once there is any news.
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