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My Loco

Dear customers, dear model railway fans,

You are looking for a personal gift or a cherished memento for a birthday or an anniversary, then “
myLoco” is the right choice for you.

With “myLoco” we give you the unique opportunity to give an electric locomotive BR 185.2 of the DB AG (item no .: 73672, 79672) your personal touch. The electric locomotive “Taurus” series Rh 1216 of the ÖBB (Items 73488 , 73489, 79489) will also be available soon so that you can create your specific design. No matter if it is the club logo, a family portrait or a drawing that you would like to have on your model, your desired locomotive can be quickly designed and ordered in just a few steps. Click through and just follow the instructions.

How does it work?
  • Please select your desired model:
    Electric locomotive series BR 185.2 of the DB AG - direct current - Item No.: 73672
    Electric locomotive series BR 185.2 of DB AG - alternating current - Item No.: 79672

    Electric locomotive "Taurus" series Rh 1216 of the ÖBB - direct current - Item No.: 73488
    Electric locomotive “Taurus" series Rh 1216 of the ÖBB - direct current with sound - Item No.: 73489


    Electric locomotive "Taurus" series Rh 1216 of the ÖBB - alternating current with sound -Item No. 79489

  • Please add your desired model to the shopping basket, go to the checkout * and enter your data.
    After having entered your customer data you immediately will get to the design page. The data we need to correctly assign your order to your specific design.
    Your order only shall be concluded after you gave your design a last check and approve for final release. You can change the design at any time prior to the model’s release and process your order at a later point in time or even cancel it altogether.

  • After entering your customer data successfully into the ordering system, please click on "Confirm purchase", then you can start to create the design of your personal locomotive.

  • You can now take your time designing and finding your model. Try out the design you like best ! Your order shall only be binding if you have clearly given your consent to the release of your final design. Prior to that you have the opportunity to change your design at any time, put it aside for a few days or even cancel the design completely .

What do you need to design your own loco ?
  • One to three images in ".png" or ".jpg" format.
  • The images should roughly correspond to the dimensions 1138x440 pixels, 2276x440 pixels or 3414x440 pixels - depending on the design variant you choose.
    - You are welcome to use the templates we prepared for you to match your ideas and
    the locos.
  • After the uploading, your images still can be fit to the printable area to a small extent.

The delivery time for a "myLoco" is usually 14 days.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail if you have any questions or require any further assistance. For any questions please contact our "myLOK" team at  meinelok@roco.cc

We look forward to receiving your entry !
Your Roco team

* You can order this model only by payment in advance. Your model will go into print immediately after we receive your bank transfer.
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