Art. No.: 10019

Universal relay
Universal relay with four change-over contacts.
Current load per contact: max. 1.5 A.

■ Relais
■ 2 mounting screws
■ Connector (10603)

€ 18,40


Art. No.: 10619

Connecting cable
For switches 10520, 10525, 10526 as track connecting cable for Digital amplifier 10764 and Digital booster 10765.

€ 9,50


Art. No.: 10754

Highly flexible 6-pole spiral cable
Connection between MULTIMAUS® (10810) and 10820, 10822, 10815, 10764.
Suitable for the FLEISCHMANN MULTIMAUS® from the digital Starter Sets.

€ 18,40


Art. No.: 10756

6-pin data bus replacement cable
The cable is a replacement cable for the Lokmaus (10760, 10792), MULTIMAUS® (10810), turnout keyboard (10770) or RouteControl (10772).

€ 12,45


Art. No.: 10757

Booster connection cable
Spare cable for connecting boosters (10765, 10789, 10805, 10806, 10807) with:
■ Digital amplifier (10764)
■ Digital central power unit (10820, 10822, z21®)
■ Break generator (10779)
■ Connecting the boosters mentioned above with each other

€ 12,45


Art. No.: 10758

4-pin data bus distributor module
4-pole data bus distributor module for:
■ Distribution to further input devices in the slave output of 10764
■ Distribution to further input devices in the X-Bus output of 10832, 10820, 10822, z21®
■ Extension of a databus cable in slave output from 10764 or in X-Bus output from 10832, 10820, 10822, z21®

Input Devices:
■ Lokmaus 2/R3 (10760, 10792)
■ MULTIMAUS® (10810)
■ Points keyboard (10770)
■ RouteControl (10772)
■ Rocomotion (10785)

Please note: The 10754 and 10756 databus cables cannot be extended in the 10764 master output, otherwise the quality of the data transfer is compromised.

€ 12,45


Art. No.: 10767

Digital Reverse loop module
This device allows to operate track pieces such as terminal loops, triangular junctions and turntables even with the internationally standardised two-track - provided that it works on DCC-digital.

Please note that the terminal loop module is designed exclusively for digital operation and does not work in analogue mode.

The terminal loop function can be activated by:
■ Closed circuit
■ Make-and-break contacts

€ 124,90


Art. No.: 10779

Braking generator
The digitized model trains come to a prototypical smooth halt in front of signals showing red. For this purpose the braking generator supplies a special digital signal to some braking sections so that the trains move out smoothly. Yet all of the activated functions such as light, sound etc. remain switched on. In this case one brake generator is sufficient for many braking sections; please pay attention that their power requirements remain under 2.5 A.
If your braking sections require more power (e .g. because of many illuminated coaches), then simply use more braking generators.

Each braking generator requires its own 670601 transformer.

€ 179,90


Art. No.: 10789

Z21®-Booster Adapter
The Booster Adapter is used to be able to connect up to 15 boosters with CDE interfaces to the booster bus. An X-bus port is provided to supply voltage to the adapter. Status LEDs display the 12-V supply as well as an active CDE end stage; besides, the adapter has an overcurrent or short-circuit protector at the CDE output.

The booster adapter can be used on the following central units or amplifiers:
■ Digital amplifier (10764)
■ multiZENTRALE Pro (10832)
■ z21®start
■ Z21® (10820, 10822)

Intended purpose:
If the power of our booster is not sufficient (e.g. major railway companies, 0–IIm track), you can connect a strong CDE booster (e.g. Massod, Lenz, Tams) using the CDE adapter to the booster bus of our central units or amplifiers.

■ Booster Adapter
■ Connection cable
■ Operation manual

€ 39,90


Art. No.: 10808

Z21® Detector
■ Track-occupied detector for 8 sections
■ Occupied message by means of power monitoring of track sections
■ RailCom-detector for loco identification
■ Connection via CAN bus and R bus
■ Configuration and update simply by app or PC via Z21®
■ Occupied/feedback with momentary contact
■ Includes connection cable for R-Bus/CAN

RailCom is a registered trademark of Lenz Elektronik GmbH.

€ 109,90


Art. No.: 10814

z21® Wifi Package
The z21®start can be extended to a network-enabled control center by using Access Point and an activation code.

■ You can easily control both trains as well as turnouts with your Smartphone or tablet via the popular Z21® App.
■ Self-explanatory control functions for your model railway layout (through icons, image integration etc.)
■ You can automate routes
■ Control your locomotives with photorealistic driver’s cabs for the ultimate driving experience – feel like a real locomotive driver
■ It lays the basis for PC guided automations (e.g. with Rocrail®, iTrain®, TrainController® etc.

Click HERE for more information!

The z21® WLAN package contains a preconfigured router and the activation code for the z21®start. This way the z21®start can accept commands for locomotives and turnouts via the WiFi interface and process them.

Go here for your: Unlock code

Info: system requirement is a Windows PC or notebook as well as an existing Internet connection (only for activation of the Unlock code).

■ Wifi Router
■ Switching power supply
■ Unlock code
■ Manual

€ 42,90


Art. No.: 10818

Unlock Code z21®
The z21® activation code is required if you already have your own router. You can then use all the functions (see Art. no. 10814) of the z21®start including the start sets. Please note that extended network knowledge is necessary for this purpose.

Follow this Link for Code activation

For more details please check our information sheet.

You can also find a video tutorial on our YouTube Channel

€ 29,90


Art. No.: 10851

Switching power supply
Power supply for the Digital control center Z21® (art. no. 10820), Digital amplifier (art. no. 10764), multiZENTRALEpro (art. no. 10832) and Digital booster (art. no. 10765).

■ Overload fuse
■ Short circuit proof
■ Back feed protection

€ 87,90


Art. No.: 10889

Speaker Set
With this speaker set you can retrofit any sound.
Complete set with sound box and connection cables.
Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 9 mm

€ 9,40


Art. No.: 42256

Magnets to trigger the 42605 and 61193 sleeper.
Very small construction, therefore can easily be mounted beneath any vehicle.

Content: 6 pieces/package.

€ 13,90


Art. No.: 46807

Excevator shovel for gantry crane (digital operation)
Fully functional model that can be used with the mobile cranes 40110 and 40111. The excevator shovels can be opened and closed electromagnetically. Ideal shovels for realistic loading and unloading of bulk goods.

€ 45,90


Art. No.: 81391

Manual: Digital for beginners, Part 1
Manual: Digital for beginners, Part 1

This manual, edited by experts, answers the most important questions to the topic “How to digitize your own model railway layout“. Layout construction, programming and other functions are shown and explained here step by step. More to come soon!

€ 19,95


Art. No.: 81392

Manual: Model railway signals - Setup and connection
This brochure explains the main electrically-powered model signals, shows you the prototypical installation location and gives specific tips how to set them up for analog or digital switching, from block diagrams to the switching signals and rail crossings. The publication primarily concentrates on the Viessmann signals of nominal size H0 and N present in the Roco-Fleischman distribution. But also older models or signals from other manufacturers and other nominal sizes can be set up and connected based on these instructions. The circuit suggestions were mainly prepared for DC model railways, but most of them can also be used on AC systems with minor adjustments.

€ 14,95


Art. No.: 81395

Manual for the digital model railway beginners, Volume 1
What is a digital model railway and how can it be used best ? This manual, edited by experts, answers the most important questions to the topic „How to digitize your own model railway layout“. It provides both beginners and advanced users with valuable tips and tricks.
More to come soon.

€ 14,95


Art. No.: 81396

Manual for the digital model railway beginners, Volume 2
What is a digital model railway and how can we make the best use of it?
The handbook (written by experts) answers the most important questions regarding the digitalization of your own model railway and gives valuable tips and tricks for newcomers as well as for advanced users.

€ 14,95