Art. No.: 10788

Control element and switching power supply
This controller set is best suited for beginners and running just one train. It consists of one controller and plug-in transformer, designed to compliment each other. The controller gives a definite forwards and backwards control and speed settings. The control knob clicks gently into a zero position. Automatic overload protection. Easy connection to the layout using the pressure connection clips.

Technical data:
■ Running voltage: 0–14 V=/0.6 A
■ Separate accessory output: 14 V=/0.85 A
■ Automatic overload protection
■ Regulator with zero point setting

€ 79,90


Art. No.: 10815

smartRail rolling bed track
smartRail is a track belt conveyor with sensors at the start and the end, which hold the locomotive in the centre of the belt conveyor, irrespective of the speed. Locomotives can be driven in the following modes:
■ analogue (DC, AC-Märklin)
■ digital (DCC, MM-Märklin)

■ Touch smartRail
■ Smartphone, Tablet-PC
■ multiMAUS

■ smartRail with integrated WiFi Router
■ Transparent acrylic cover
■ Switching power supply
■ Operating manual

Model without locomotive.

€ 499,90