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500 hundred good reasons for Roco.

The brand name Roco thanks its success to the around 500 qualified employees who work at the following four company sites:  
Roco Bergheim/Salzburg
This is the company headquarters and home to the executive management, the worldwide sales and marketing departments, product management, the complete administration plus the central customer service.
Roco Gloggnitz
The Roco track system is produced in Gloggnitz in Lower Austria as well as the engines famous all over the world for their smooth running and high traction force. Gloggnitz is also the core of  toolmaking and the center for the Roco precision plastic injection moulds. Circuit boards, pantographs, controls and wheels are also produced here ready for further processing at other sites.  
Roco Banská Bystrica
The locomotives of both current systems and Roco’s high-quality wagons are produced here and this site also houses part of toolmaking.
Roco Arad
The state-of-the-art and youngest facility of the company. A large part of the H0 tracks and part of the wagon and coach line are produced in Arad, the Rumanian industrial centre and traffic hub.
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