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Stations at express speed

  • 1960 foundation, first plastic products, sand buckets, soon followed by “Roco minitanks” (vehicles from various military forces)
  • 1967 Production of model railways in H0 commissioned by American companies
  • 1967 First in-house development of H0 freight wagons based on European originals Particularly successful in Germany thanks to exact details and value for money
  • 1975 Acquisition of tools from Röwa and re-launch of finely detailed models.
  • First Roco locomotives based on DB originals (BR 110, BR 140)
  • 1977 First tender steam locomotive BR 58 of the DB
  • 1979 Development of the e-loco Rh 1044 in H0
  • 1989 Development of the first Roco track with track bed
  • Continuous programme expansion, permanent innovations (full-scale length coaches, close couplings, true-to-life track systems)
  • 1994 Launch of the new universal coupling with pre-uncoupling
  • 1995 Entry into digital technology
  • 1999 Development of the high-end steam locomotive 310.23
  • 2005 The company changes owners. Modelleisenbahn GmbH introduces a new course of modernisation and innovation
  • 2008 Cooperation with Fleischmann under the umbrella of Modelleisenbahn Holding GmbH. Acquisition of rights to parts of the Klein Modelbahn programme.
  • 2010 New digital features and products
  • 2012 Innovations: Z21 – control of a model railway like a train driver, smartRail – on the spot driving experience.

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