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From sand bucket to a leader of innovation.

The company specialised in the manufacture of plastic products (sand buckets, miniature military vehicles) that was founded in 1960 today ranks as a leader of innovation among the world’s leading suppliers of model railways.

The first locomotives were produced in 1976. From the very beginning the models were characterised by their precision and fidelity to detail soon giving rise the company’s reputation for quality.
What is more, the Roco “model railway” has thought a step ahead and has inspired the branch with its innovations. Just a few examples from past decades: full-scale length coaches, true-to-life tracks with lower rail profiles or the “entangle-free“ close couplings. One milestone for the future is the cutting-edge Z21 control system, that for the very first time ever links the virtual and real game world, giving the play value of model railways a completely new dimension.
The company headquarters are located in Bergheim/Salzburg. Roco is a global player and under Modelleisenbahn München GmbH part of the Modelleisenbahn Holding GmbH, to which the German quality manufacturer Fleischmann also belongs.

Quality craftsmanship

Roco puts its faith in high quality and manual craftsmanship. That is the only way you can produce highly detailed, extremely reliable and functional miniatures. An extensive quality management system with internal and external quality assurance measures guarantees that owners of Roco locomotives, coaches and wagons get top quality and long-term enjoyment from their models. Here too, Roco plays a pioneering role. The Roco facility in Arad, for example, was the very first factory in the model railway branch to be awarded ISO 9001 certification by the German DQS GmbH.
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